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10 Best Coffee Machines In The UK

| June 18, 2015 | 0 Comments

Looking for the premium coffee makers, then look no further, this is a roundup of the best for espresso enthusiasts and cappuccino consiuers.

High street coffee machines

High street coffee machines

Drip espresso

You can find a list of the top drip coffee makers, if you’re specifically looking for that exclusive type. You can find all the best reviewed there. Although this is a roundup of the best machines, there are a few personal favourites. Most people who haven’t owned a home espresso machine before just ask, what is the best coffee maker? It’s a difficult question to answer, you have to find a drinking and brewing style that suits you best.

A fully automatic maker is unlike a semi automatic espresso machine, which usually has more controls that you have to adjust, and you do more work manually by having to switch the flow of coffee off at the switch directly. You can’t step away from these machines, or your cup will overflow. These machines are the most popular budget machines for this reason.


Russell Hobbs 18623 Allure Review

Russell Hobbs 18623 Allure

This is hands down one of the best tasting coffee makers you can purchase in 2015, the Russell Hobbs Allure is simplicity at its finest. It’s a well rounded stainless steel design, and comes with full 15 bar pump pressure. Compared to a few years ago, it’s not expensive to purchase one of the best automatic machines from Amazon now. You might ask what is the best tasting coffee? And how can you have that great taste at home? Well this is definitely worth a 5 star rating. The Allure is simple to fill up with water, and even easier when it comes to cleaning.


A barista style semi automatic machine is the DeLonghi EC155. It’s designed as a compact, and the taste from this appliance is first rate. As well as being first class, it is also elegantly fashionable, and will fit nicely into your kitchen decor. If you’re faced with the choice of buying a new cheap machine, then the winner has to be this. Small and classy, what a great way to enter the wonderful world of home brewing.


La Pavoni Europiccola Lever Review

La Pavoni Europiccola Lever

The La Pavoni Europiccola is the type of machine that harks back to traditional drink making. If you’ve never used an automatic machine before and you’re upgrading from a stovetop to making your drinks manually this might come as a shock. The taste is what is really shocking though. Its good. Its full flavoured and better than you will get with most automatic and semi automatic machines. It has a design that speaks retro, and engineering that feels German. The best part about it is you get to stay fit while pumping your coffee.

Bean to cup machines

The best super automatic espresso machine will give you a brew better than any other machine. It will grind the fresh beans using it’s burr grinder and then automatically tamp the right amount of ground into its filter to extract all that tasty goodness. Just incase you accidentally run out of beans, some super automatics will also work with already ground coffee, giving you the chance of always having a spare little supply on hand.


The DeLonghi ESAM 3500 Magnifica looks like a 21st century maker. Delonghi is one of the best rated coffee brands in the world, and the reason is they have been making the best espresso machines for your home since 1990. It’s super to see such a bargain bean to cup maker that doesn’t have a terrible loud grinding noise from it. This is a leading choice if you want the foremost in domestic value. As the brew culminates you can really smell the scent of strong espresso.

Barista Express

This machine by Sage is the kind of machine you want when you enjoy having creativity and flexibility in your bean to cup espresso making. If you have the money to buy this, it can be tough to make a decision on whether you should get it or not, but this is second to none. Its perfect if you’re looking for a champion brand. It has Italian designed parts and a 15 bar thermoblock pump. The water is extracted 3 times for each drink to allow your blend to really get the most flavour possible. Drinking freshly brewed is incomparable with instant, and this is a whole different experience.

Sage Heston Blumenthal Barista Express Review

Sage Heston Blumenthal Barista Express

ESAM 4200

Another machine by the firm Delonghi, as you can expect, their machines are of such a high caliber they make it into the top 10 more than once. The Esam 4200 is the bean roasting guru. It features 15 bar pump pressure, and what you get with this is a magnificent drink, and to top it off it’s inexpensive compared to some of the other bean to cups. The drinks that it enjoyable drinks it makes are unique and unmatched, and that’s because it has 2 compartments, one for beans, and one for ground beans. What tops this off is the offer of a 2 year warranty on this too.

Single serve automatics

For the best single cup espresso maker in 2015, you have a tougher choice than ever, as there is just so much quality on the market now. These pod coffee makers allow you to make espresso easier than ever before, and are fully automatic. The best rated fully automatic coffee makers are best used if you’re the type of person that like to multitask in the kitchen, and while your drink is brewing, do something else like make breakfast, or feed the dog. This type of coffee machine works by automatically controlling the volume of water that is being dispensed to your cup.


Starbucks Single Serve Pod Coffee Review

Starbucks Single Serve Pod

What do you think is the best espresso? Is Starbucks your prefered brand? If so, the Verismo is the closest you will come to their distinctive taste at home. The taste is paramount, and the aroma you get from this is unsurpassed. That’s because it has been crafted to give you a premium tasting Starbucks espresso at your fingertips. It’s available in 3 themed store colours including champagne, or silver and black. You can skip those busy morning queues and instead get your drink in less than 40 seconds.


The first thing that strikes you about the Nespresso Inissia is it’s firetruck red colour. It’s bold. This is worldclass if you’re on a budget, and want a powerful capsule system. You receive a wonderful set of starter tastes including Ristretto, Arpeggio, and Roma. All designed to give you the premium aroma, taste and experience possible. This is the cream of the crop for enthusiasts.


How about a maker that oozes style and design principles like no other? The Nescafe Dolce Oblo is just this. This one is not only good looking, it’s exquisite in it’s design, as well as its awesome output. With more than 30 varieties, yes 30! You will have a great time tasting everything from Twinings tea, to cafe american’s. What I like about this one is that it is compact, and exceptional. If you want one that looks expensive, but is small, this premium machine ticks the boxes.

Automatic filters

Filter machines give you coffee in unrivaled quality. With the huge pots, you can be assured that you’ll have enough to go around the family. You normally have to use a paper filter, but some of the newer machines come with built in filters that only require you wash them.

Andrew James

This is a great featured filter machine that is a terrific coffee maker if you work in an office and need the highest tasting drinks. It is a good choice for your home too, and that’s because it’s not only functional, it’s designed well. It’s great that you have the finest outstanding filter coffee at your fingertips, and it comes with the ability to set the time you want it to start, so you can set it to brew your drink first thing in the morning, or at the perfect afternoon meeting time. If you’re after an inexpensive beautiful coffee machines then look no further.

Andrew James Coffee Maker Review

Andrew James Coffee Maker


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