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3 Electric Coffee Grinders For Fresh Ground Coffee

| May 29, 2015 | 0 Comments

Having a coffee grinder is great if you’re a fan of coffee, and enjoy your coffee beans ground down. These are 5 of the best electric coffee grinders for sale, and each one has a distinctive design and works to grind your beans in the best way possible. Choose which one suits your coffee needs the best.

The Krups Twin Blade Coffee Mill is a versatile grinding unit that as well as coffee grinding, can accomplish cinnamon coriander, and pepper grinding too. You will need to give it a good wash out which is also easy enough, in its easy to reach compartment.

It features twin cutting stainless steel blades that are powered by a 200w electric engine, and turn fast enough to grind up even the toughest of beans.

It’s a handy size grinder that yields a 75g bean capacity, which is the equivalent of 15 cups of coffee. With its oval shape you can also be sure that all the beans receive a consistent ground up.

For safety it has a lid activated safety switch which stops it from working unless it’s locked in place. This is a great electric grinder, and one that will act as a go to device when you need some fresh ground up coffee.

An electric coffee machine that features a unique design is the Delonghi KG49. It’s a powerful electric coffee grinder that will handle up to 90g of unground beans, and this is the equivalent capacity of 12 cups which should last you a couple of days, even if you are a busy espresso drinker.

The design of the KG49 features a transparent bean container which allows you to see exactly how your grinding is progressing. There are LED lights that indicate the consistency of the grind as your progress such as coarse, medium and fine.

Although this isn’t a burr grinder, it does have almost the equivalent power, with its strong stainless steel blade, and its one touch action, where you just press the large top button down, and it will grind the beans down. For best results you can do this in short results to get a good consistency of ground coffee powder.

Its a versatile electric grinder, meaning it will also work with other herbs too, and even flaxseeds or linseeds. It comes with easy to understand instructions, however, you won’t need to read them, its pretty self explanatory if you’ve used an electric grinder before. You can also clean it out after each use with the included cleaning brush.

It’s a lightweight electric grinder that accomplishes its grinding well, and is easy to store with its quirky circular design will look the part in any coffee lover’s home.

The James Martin Wahl is a bullet shaped coffee grinder that although doesn’t have the largest of the electric coffee grinders reviewed, still manages to make a nice a nice 10 cups equivalent. It features a capacity of 70g, and has a nice brushed steel finish to it, that gives it a really robust and powerful look.

It’s smaller than the other grinders reviewed, and this might be exactly what your looking for if space is a premium in your kitchen. It’s easy to store away in even the smallest of cupboards when not in use. It even features a cable tidy to keep everything tucked together.

It features a transparent viewing window so you can see exactly how good your ground coffee is as you use the grinder, and the safety lock in lid ensures that the grinder will only activate once the lid is secured in place.

It is built with a powerful 150w motor, and will happily tackle nuts and spices. It’s push button control means that its simple to start the grinder, and you just keep the button pushed in for as long as the consistency you need requires it.

This is a top quality product produced from the James Martin design team, so you can be sure it will last you a lifetime, and give all your coffee beans the best grinding possible.

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