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Andrew James Coffee Maker 1100 – Great Tasting Filter

| May 29, 2015 | 0 Comments

The Andrew James digital coffee maker is your choice for programmable filter coffee at a cheap price. This is a simple filter machine that features a reusable mesh filter, as well as a 15 cup capacity. Perfect for any modern day home filled with coffee lovers. Maybe bean coffee or espresso isn’t your thing and you prefer a fresh rich tasting filtered coffee, then look no further.

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The Andrew James Design Factors

A stylish and elegant appearance is what you can expect from this coffee maker. It features a brushed aluminum look, which will look great in any modern kitchen. It is made of reinforced heat resistant plastic, so is lightweight if you need to transport it. It features an easy to lift lid, that houses an extra large 1.8 litre carafe that is capable of making up to 15 cups of great tasting filtered drink.

One of the biggest features of this digital coffee maker is the fact that it is digital. This means you can program it to serve you hot coffee at whatever time of the day you please. Perfect if you want that coffee just after you wake automatically. Everything will start up and percolate away, while keeping the jug at a great tasting hot temperature with the non stick warming plate.

You can also choose how many cups of coffee you would like this machine to make beforehand, thanks to the translucent water level mark, so you can get your measurements just right.

Does Cheap Mean Bad Quality?

Certainly not. In the case of the Andrew James machine, you have a reusable filter mesh, meaning you don’t have to waste time or money with disposable and expensive filters. Although it does take a little bit of aggressive cleaning actions, it will last you a good length of time.

It’s a compact filter maker with its height a respectable 36.5cm and width and depth an average 23cm. In this respectable size it also manages to house an anti drip valve which prevents any leakage. So there is no mess and this means there is no waste of good coffee. Nothing is worse than seeing good coffee go to waste with unnecessary spills, and you won’t find any filling up this machine and it’s loading up mesh, or its jug percolator.

Using This Coffee Maker Everyday

This coffee maker is great for the home, and will serve fresh coffee throughout the day, not only at breakfast. Its a great companion if you work at home, or even if you work in a office. Its easy to hold the lunchtime conference meeting and have this machine bring to the boil all the fresh cups you need to help keep the team focused on the afternoons actions.

The jug is secure, and the handle is easy to lift. Pouring your drink is also easy, and everything feels like it has been designed with balance in mind. You can get some great tasting filter coffee for this machine such as the Costa Roast and Ground full flavour blend, but it’s entirely up to you to search around and see which filter taste you like best. While you’re trying each of the flavors, you can be sure that every time you’ll get a great tasting coffee.

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