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Choosing Your Coffee Machine Like A Guru

| June 10, 2015 | 0 Comments

After a coffee as finely brewed as a gourmet coffee at your local coffee shop? Well it’s easy to make one just like Starbucks or Costa from home now. Before you run out an purchase any old coffee machine, there are a number of tips that you should consider, so your coffee tastes as good as it possibly can.

You can buy a cheap coffee machine for less than £100, but this isn’t always the best choice, if you’re a really coffee fan. You just won’t get the quality. If you like gourmet coffee then you will want to consider a maker like a single serve brewer. These use a pre-packed individual capsule, like the well known K-cups. You should first have a look at what varieties these little pods come in, and how easy they are to purchase. Some single serve machines only have a couple of varieties of flavours, while others have over 30, so you will have to pick your single server carefully.

If you are a real seasoned coffee drinker, you might have a psychological adaptation engine and prefer your espresso bold, so the type of machine that is best for you would be a lever machine. These makers will give you the strongest flavour possible, but that’s why they require so much manual work. There isn’t much automatic about them.

If you are a regular at Starbucks or another high street coffee shop, as them what beans they use to make your favourite blend. You should do some online research about this brand, and see what machines will work best with it. Many people who have been drinking coffee for years are able to tell exactly which type of machine is best with which brand.

Who else is going to be drinking from your espresso maker? This is important, as if it’s going to be just you, then you can specifically pick a machine that does all you need it too, however if you’re a regular party animal, and have the occasional guest over, you might want to consider a maker that gives you the ability to create a few different blends such as a cappuccino, and latte. There is nothing worse than buying an expensive maker with great tasting coffee and then not be able to share it with anyone because it won’t work with certain blends, or pods. This only really applies to automatic makers though.

Decide how much lattes and espresso’s you’re going to be drinking, and the frequency of your drinking. The reason is that some machines have different capacities of water tanks. Small single serve machines can only give you enough for 1-2 cups before you have to refill again, and this might not be very good for you. Maybe a filter based coffee machine would be better, as it gives you a much larger amount of drinkable espresso’s that you can use in a short time span.

How Much Makes a Full Cup?

This is a rhetorical question for you really. The strength of your drink varies from each machine, and espresso and filter coffee machines can sometime make a stronger drink than single serve makers. That being said, the Verismo from Starbucks is a 19 bar coffee machine that uses capsules and has stronger and richer tasting espresso than most drip brew machines. Also what size are your existing cups? Some machines will only work with small cups. Yes there are only a few that have this restriction, but if you like your espresso’s in a mug, or even in a travel cup, then you want to make sure that it can actually fit under the spout.

How Fast Do You Want Your latte?

Are you somebody that lives a jet set lifestyle and really has the time to wait around for a bean to cup maker to make a superior brew, or is a single serve machine more fitting to pace? With filter and bean to cup machines, you can end up waiting a while while the espresso is prepared and percolates. There are some automatic machines that work with a timer, which you can set, so keep an out out for these. If your life is really hectic and you’re forgetful, you want to make sure that your coffee maker has an auto shut off features, that way you don’t have to worry about leaving it on as you rush out to your date.

How Much Does A Refill Cost?

What are the costs of the beans, ground, or capsules on a weekly basis and how often will you have to buy these refills? This is an important calculation that you should work out before you purchase your espresso machine. Also how easy is it to actually get these refills? Can you only order online, or are they available to buy at Tesco and Asda? Some bean to cup espresso machines work with both bean and already ground, so you can be prepared with both, while some drip espresso makers will also work with pods. Having a flexible machine might be perfect for you.

What Dimension Are You Living In?

Space is a premium in the UK. We don’t all live in nice American houses with 4 and 5 bedrooms. We lead a more cosmopolitan life, staying in flats, and sometimes moving about regularly. This is why you have to check the dimensions of your espresso machine and see if it will actually fit in your kitchen before buying. You don’t want a machine that just takes over and dominates your kitchen and then you only use it once or twice a day, so look for a smaller single serve machine if this sounds like your situation.

Can You Handle The Noise?

Face it, if you’re a latte drinker, you’ve probably had a few hangovers in your time. Coffee machines, especially grinding ones, can create lots of noise, and with a hangover, this might be the last thing you want to hear. Even without a heavy night’s drinking, an espresso machine can make more noise than a rock concert, so pay close attention to the reviews about their sound level. Bean to cup machines are usually the worse offenders as they have to grind the beans first.

Expect Your Choice To Last

Lastly, the one thing you want to consider is the warranty that some espresso machine manufacturers offer with their products. Some makers are proud enough to offer 2 year warranty, and will happily stand behind their product. You should be expecting your coffee machine to last a number of years, so be careful to check the small print about what happens if there are any breakages. The more expensive machines that you can buy, are usually repairable by coffee machine repair specialists but this can cost as much as your favourite bag of roast.

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