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DeLonghi EC820.B – Affordable Barista Style

| November 29, 2015 | 0 Comments

Delonghi have a number of coffee machines in their range, and this is another that has a nice style and design to it. It’s a traditional pump mechanism, which means that your coffee’s are going to be tasting great, and made to the best you’ve probably tasted.

Delonghi EC820B Review

Delonghi EC820B Review

You will need to ground your coffee beans up separately, or take a look at the bean to cup coffee machines if you want everything integrated. Once you’ve ground your coffee up, just put it in the filter holder, and slot into the EC820. The filter handle will fit tightly into the slot, to ensure the optimum pressure from the pump is applied to the coffee.

There are 2 spouts, so you can enjoy making 2 cups of coffee at the same time. This is a great machine if you have family home, and there is always a rush on for the kettle. It only take a few seconds for the coffee to brew and then pass through the filter.

Stylish Coffee Machine Design

The design is contemporary, and modern, with it’s stainless steel metallic design, and strong black plastic. As well as being perfect for home use, you can tell that it would also work happily, day in and day out in a small coffee shop or restaurant. The actual pump mechanism, and filter section are built with the stainless steel, so you can expect this to last and handle lots of coffee brewing.

The milk frother is also in stainless steel, and although doesn’t move out to the side like other coffee machines, will love to the front of the machine. Really, this is perfect. You can froth your milk up nicely for cappuccinos. Even if you let your coffee go cold, you can reheat it with the steam arm. It is a manual steam arm, so you can set it to the pressure you want, just by turning the dial slightly.

There is thermoblock technology included with this Delonghi which means that the machine is ready to brew up a coffee in less than a minute. Just what you want if you need a fast cup of coffee, espresso, or latte before you start work in the morning. You can if you want, also combine the ground coffee with ESE pods, as the machine will happily work with both.

If you’re someone who cares about using as little energy as possible, you’ll be pleased to hear that this Delonghi has the highest energy rating of all the Delonghi coffee machines on the market. It uses less electricity than if you were boiling your traditional kettle for a cup of coffee.

How different is this Delonghi?

One of the best features about this coffee machine is it’s front loading water reservoir. Normally other makers, and even Delonghi in some other models, like to place it in the back, making it hard to reach, but the EC820 has the tank on the front, so it’s easy to fit the machine into your kitchen, knowing you’re not going to have to move it about, just to fill it up with water day after day.

If you want to reduce the time you spend cleaning the various parts, you can also install a water filter, which helps reduce the limescale, and other contaminants found naturally in tap water. There is also a drip tray located in the bottom that is easy to remove and clean, and will hold more than a couple of cups worth.

Overall this is another great coffee machine in the Delonghi range which really gives you the professional barista look, as well as that great barista quality. Priced at a very affordable price, this machine will last you a few years.

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