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DeLonghi Esam 4000 – The Espresso Extraordinaire

| May 27, 2015 | 2 Comments

The need for a nice barista style coffee in the morning can be overwhelming. If you need a strong coffee to get your brain working in the morning, then you need this Magnifica coffee machine in your life. It’s a bean to cup machine that will give you lightning quick and great tasting coffee so just throw out your kettle now.

De'Longhi Esam 4000.b Magnifica Review

De’Longhi Esam 4000.b Magnifica Review

It doesn’t just make great espresso, it makes great cappuccinos too. As well as this you can also boil up a great tasting latte, or even macchiato. With a single button touch, you can brew 2 cups at the same time, so using this coffee machine in a family home is great when your partner is a fan too.

Modern Coffee Machine Design

The 4000.B is modelled with a black strong plastic. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because its not stainless steel it isn’t strong, as the plastic is reinforced, and heat capable. If you already have dark appliances in your kitchen this will fit right in. If you’d prefer a stainless steel alternative, you can take a look at the similar Esam model here.

The frother has been designed to be as close to barista style as possible allowing you to heat up milk, and get that real caffe froth that you want, as well as heat up your drink and make fantastic hot chocolate drinks too.

The control panel on the front, might seem complex at first, but it’s really easy once you just stop and take a look. You can have your coffee as weak or as strong as you wish using the strength dial. If there is any maintenance or cleaning that needs to be done, this shows up the relevant light on the control panel. The included brewing unit which is the heart of this machine is easy to remove and clean too. All those parts that you might think are hard to reach are easy, and keeping your machine nice and clean is a breeze.

In Built DeLonghi Technology

This Esam 4000.B model coffee maker uses CRF technology. This stands for compact, reliable and fresh, and speaks volumes about the aims that DeLonghi has for this machine. The way that the CRF works is by utilizing the tubeless system inbuilt into the coffee maker. This means that the ground beans pass through instantly, giving you as rich and perfect a cup of coffee as you could hope for, without picking up any residue from previous flows. All of this comes at the idea temperature too.

It’s a machine that includes an instant reheat facility, to allow it to stay at it’s core heat no matter how long you leave it between cups. This means that when you want t afresh cup, it’s ready to serve you faster than you would be served at an empty Costa coffee shop.

How Well Does It Work?

When this coffee machine is working, its one of the most quiet machines on the market. It uses a special silent integrated coffee grinder that has 13 grinding settings, and with each one, no matter if you even have a hangover, you won’t hear the machine working it’s magic, until it starts draining into your cup.

To make sure you always have the machine topped up to its optimum operating setting, there is a coffee bean container with roughly a capacity of 200g for beans if you’re using them, or coffee grounds, with a capacity of approximately 14 cups.

Depending on if you like a small cup of coffee or you prefer your hot drinks in a mug, its easy for the Esam to handle with its adjustable height dispenser. Perfect if you want a quick shot of espresso, and someone else wants a larger americano, it will handle both requests with the greatest of ease.

The adjustable burr grinder that is inside the Esam 4000 means you get the best ground up coffee no matter the type of bean you use, and your drink is fresh and tasty every time.

If you’re sitting on the fence about this machine, it might help to know that there is also a 2 year guarantee, and many of the previous buyers of this De’Longhi have found that it still works after a year, just like it did on day one!

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  1. Zach says:

    Does this coffee machine leak after a few years, that’s what happened to my last one, and I’m thinking of buying this one now.

  2. Tina says:

    This is my favorite coffee maker of all time!

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