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Delonghi ICM 15210 Review – Filtered Coffee At Its Best

| June 3, 2015 | 0 Comments

The best filtered coffee is great to enjoy in the morning, or during the day at the office meeting. This Delonghi machine takes filtered coffee to a whole new taste level and gives you the best tasting coffee, for the best discounted price.

Delonghi ICM15210 Review

Delonghi ICM15210 Review

The capacity of this coffee machine is 10 large cups, or even 15 small cups. This is all possible with the 1.3 litre water tank capacity. It uses a unique design for the water storage, where the water is stored inside the outer rim of the machine.

This gives the coffee machine a great design, and allows it to remain a smaller size. The sizes of the 15210 is  22.5 x 20.5 x 32 cm. This is the best filtered coffee machine when space is a premium.

It features an easy to read water level display on the side of the machine, and its simple to tell that you should add more water. You will need to have a spare jug handy for doing this as the width of the container is quite slim so be careful when you’re pouring the water.

It is a machine that uses paper filter although they are cheap, and can be bought in packs of 100 for just a few £. With the coffee filter you can be assured that each and every time you brew you get the best tasting coffee possible.

You can buy reusable mesh filters if you don’t like paper filters. The compartment to open for the filters is easy to use, it just clips open, and then the filters are placed carefully inside it. Once its ready just close the compartment easily.

The coffee maker itself features a non drip facility that allows you to remove the carafe at any time and there is no drips on to the hot plate. The carafe is marked on both sides for the amount of coffee cups that are left, so its also easy to use for coffee drinkers who are left handed.

The hot plate will keep your brewed coffee nice and warm and will allow you to use the coffee again, even after it has been sitting for a while. There is also an aroma selector if you’re only choosing to make 1-4 cups of coffee, so this machine can easily replace your basic kettle.

This is a great coffee machine if you are a heavy coffee drinker, and certainly one of the best filter coffee machines on the market. It will make a nice addition to your home, and you will be especially grateful when you taste that first cup of coffee in the morning.

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