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Delongi ECC 220 Pump Espresso Machine

| June 17, 2016 | 0 Comments

Delonghi are known for always creating aesthetically pleasing designs, and this coffee machine is no exception. It has an almost 1950’s style retro curve to it, and looks good whatever your kitchen layout. If colour coordination is your thing, then you also love the opportunity to be able to purchase 3 different colours of machine, black, red and white.

src=”http://www.coffeetaste.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/delonghi-ecc220-red.jpg” alt=”delonghi ecc220 red” width=”239″ height=”241″ />If you are looking for a coffee machine that is simple to understand, and foolproof, then you are looking at it. There is only a simple dial on the front to choose your coffee settings, or activate the steam pipe. On the back of the coffee machine is where you’ll find the water tank too, and it’s removable, so keeping your kitchen water spillage free is easier than ever.

Good quality design

Although this is a slightly slim coffee machine, don’t let that fool you. This is a typical 15 bar pressure machine under the hood, so the type of coffees and espressos that you would expect from your barista, are available for you at home.

There is space to fit 2 espresso shot cups or glasses in, and the filter will make 2 drinks at the same time. This means that even if you have a friend over, you can both have drinks at the same time. Perfect too, if you and your partner are enjoying a social espresso over breakfast.

The Delonghi ECC220 has the ability to use either ground coffee in it’s filter, or if you prefer, you can also it in ESE (Easy Serve Espresso) pods, if those are easier to pick up. Generally most supermarkets stock plenty of these now, thanks to the rise of the Tassimo.

Although this Delonghi is built purely for espressos, you can remove the tray and fit a medium size cup in and make a latte. You won’t be able to fit a large cup in, but you can always use a small shot glass, and just pour the coffee into your large cup.

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Is it easy to use?

The water tank that that is included is a large 1 litre reservoir, so it will hold more than enough for a few coffees. The steam pipe to froth your milk with is swivel based, so you can fit it into any cup or mug, and make the perfect latte.

Once you turn the machine on, you only have a couple of minutes to wait before the water boils and reaches that optimal espresso temperature. You have the option to use single or double serving pods in the filter, so make sure you pick the right one when making your coffee.

Although more of a novice feature, there is an attached tamper on the coffee machine, that you can use to pack down your coffee powder. Great if you don’t have one handy, but most people, at least connoisseurs, will have their own tamper. Still nothing really worth complaining about.

The filter attaches firmly, and will lock in place, letting you know that the machine is ready to start brewing. All you need to check is that the OK light is on, so it’s ready to turn the dial to the next setting, which is pour. After a moment, you’ll see that rich dark coffee pouring out. The downside to this coffee machine is that it won’t measure out the shots for you. It will keep pouring until you turn the dial back to wait, so make sure you stay by the machine while it’s pouring.

Once you are ready to steam your milk, then you can test the steam output, by turning the dial on the top of the machine. You will need both hands to steam your milk, one to hold the cup at the right angle, and up to the steam wand, and then the other hand to turn the steam dial. Carefull that you don’t just turn it up fast, as it is powerful, so start slowly, and turn it up till it looks like it’s working well.

This is where the drip tray comes into good effect, as there will be some extra coffee that will pour from the filter, due to the pressure inside the machine, so make sure that you keep the drip tray in place, if you had to remove it for a larger cup first.

That’s all there is to this coffee machine. It’s a great little budget machine that will sure please you no end, as you make great tasting coffees with it, and knowing that it’s from Delonghi, you can expect it to last for a few years.


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