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Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine – Small but Dynamite

| February 20, 2020 | 0 Comments

The Nespresso Essenza is a great coffee machine that packs so much power and taste into the drinks it makes, you’ll feel like you are being served Espressos in an Italian coffee shop. That’s just what you want from a coffee machine, right? Well of course you do, and what better way with one of the newest coffee machines on the market.

Nespresso Essenza MiniEssenza Design

The Essenza, has a uniquely compact design, and although it’s rectangular based shape isn’t as unique in coffee machine design as say the Nescafe Dolce Oblo, you will still feel that you have a slick appliance in your kitchen, with its rounded edges, and smooth grey tone scale colour. The exact dimensions are 33 cm x 8.4 cm x 20.4 cm. You can purchase the Essenza in one of three colours black, white, or grey.

Easy Touch Features

The controls are easy, there are two buttons allowing for espresso, or a lungo, all combined with automatic flow stop technology. This means you get the perfect sized brew every time. If you want just a regular latte, just warm up your milk in the microwave, and select Lungo, and combine both for a serious barista style latte. This makes it much easier to operate than some of the more expensive, and technical coffee machines, that end up confusing you. You don’t get that with the Essenza, you literally, can’t help but make a coffee shop style cup every time.

How Mini Is Mini?

Because this Essenza is marketed as a mini coffee machine, it not only saves space in your kitchen, but it does hold less water than its competitors. 0.6 Litres, or a pint, is what it holds, so you’ll definitely get a few cups, but after that, you’ll have to refill. It is easy to do so, the tank is easily removed and reattached again to the Essenza.

Although it’s small in size, its capacity to create a beautiful coffee is not diminished. It comes with the standard 19bar pressure, expected from machines nearly twice the size of the Essenza. It also features a high-performance heat pump and can heat the water to perfect coffee temperature in 25 seconds. Now, that is fast, and again, it’s so small, it’s almost portable. 

Star Trek Technology

It also features Thermoblock technology. This means that your water stays at the perfect temperature, and reduces the chance of limescale build up in your coffee machine, and ruining your experience.

Thanks to Greta Thunberg, we have all become environmentally conscious, and this pod coffee machine is certainly that too. It features low energy-saving technology that turns on after 3 minutes, and a complete off after 9 minutes. Remember that thanks to government E-waste policies, you can hand your old coffee machine into an electrical distributor for recycling.

Two Pods in a Pea

The pods that the Essenza takes come in two different varieties, They match the buttons, Espresso (40ml) and Lungo (110ml). There are 35 varieties of Grand Cru coffee flavors, and you will receive a welcome pack with a range of capsules included. It is compatible with supermarket generic pod brands, however.

This is the type of coffee machine that will fit perfectly in any small kitchen, but even in a big condition, it’s almost invisible. So order one today, and you’ll be drinking the finest coffee in your town for years to come.


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