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Review Of Single Serve Coffee Machines

| June 4, 2015 | 0 Comments

This is a single serve coffee comparison with some of the best single serve coffee pod machines for sale on Amazon. There are lots of great single serve coffee machines available for sale, and they are also known as pod, or capsule machines. They aren’t just limited to fancy banks and estate agent offices, they have come a long way to now be small and work with the industry standard 15 bar water pressure giving you high street espresso at the low home price.

There is a huge range of single serve coffee makers on amazon, but this is a review of some of the ones in their best selling category.

Tassimo T12 Vivy

This is one of the most popular single serve coffee machines. There is good reasons for this. Its one of the most compact and reliable espresso makers, and once placed in your kitchen will give you excellent tasting drinks that you wondered how you ever lived without.

The Tassimo has a nice modern design with good looking curves. It will look great in your kitchen and won’t be placed in a corner to gather dust. It has an easy to reach water tank that is located at the side of the machine, and can be easily removed to fill up at your sink.

The control panel that you use to serve the single pod coffee drinks is located at the front of the machine,and only include 3 buttons. There is a good quality cleaning system that with the press of the cleaning button will allow the maker to expel and flush any old coffee from the machine. This is perfect if you want a really fresh cup of espresso, and you’ve left the machine for a few hours.

A single serve coffee maker vs drip machine is an easy choice, especially with the Tassimo. A drip coffee will give you the very best in taste if you’re a real connoisseur, but the single serve Tassimo is the second best choice if you want your life to be quicker and easier than using a single serve coffee maker with grinder.

Compared to a single serve coffee maker with carafe, the Tassimo has a range of amazing tasting flavour pods and different styles that you can try. There are more than 22 varieties available with such classics as english breakfast tea from Twinings. (yes this coffee maker can even make tea), and every type of blend you would want with varieties from Costa, and Carte Noire. The Tassimo pods can be purchased online in their 22 variety pack here, or you can just purchase packs of your favourite flavour.

The Tassimo is great single serve coffee maker, and if you use it a lot, which you will do, it also allows for easy cleaning and automatically tells you when it needs to be descaled. You can read the descaling instructions here. At a great low price, if your new to the world of single serve you should check it out.

Dolce Gusto Melody

The Dolce Gusto has been described as a funky bubble pod machine. It is a single service coffee maker with a difference. That difference is in the design. It looks like a machine that you would find on the international space station. Its easy to use though, don’t be put off by its unique design. You open the drawer on the front, and place your little espresso capsule in it.

When you compare the Nescafe Melody to other single serve coffee machines reviewed, is that everyone is very positive about the amount of space that this machine takes up. It is quite a small maker, so it’s amazing that it has a water tank with 1.3 litre water capacity. Don’t worry though you can easily fill it up if you’re a coffee addict, and it will quickly boil up again, ready for your next Nescafe Dolce Gusto pod.

The pods or capsules as you might call them come in a few varieties. There is cappuccino, latte, chococino, as well as espresso or americano. These pods are all official Nescafe pods, so you can be assured that you’re getting great tasting single serve drink every time. If you really want the very best latte, be sure to have some cream or frothy milk handy.

You can find some Dolce Gusto voucher codes online, but the price to buy the Nescafe Melody is cheapest on Amazon. It is also available in different colours from the basic black, including ivory and red. It also features thermoblock technology which keeps the water at a perfect always ready temperature when you need another quick drink after your first.

Starbucks Verismo 580

Can you believe it? A single service coffee machine that gives you Starbucks tasting espresso. Yes, you heard right, you can cut back on all those expensive morning Mochachino Frappuccinos, or whatever else it is that you have, and instead get your espresso fix from your home. The Verismo 580 is a machine that although is big in size, the plus is that it gives you Starbucks like drinks in 15 seconds.

The Starbucks verismo 580 1 cup brewing system is designed to be able to deliver as close to the same rate that you get from the high street brand. You can read this more in depth Verismo 580 review. The silver Verismo is the most popular on Amazon, but it does come in other colour varieties too. There is champagne colour, but due to its lack in popularity, is much cheaper than the other popular colours. This might be a good thing for you if you are on a budget. There is also satin black, and a very rare piano black colour.

How does it work? The Verismo water tank is easily removable and can hold up to 1 litre. The reason that the Verismo can replicate the unique Starbucks taste, is thanks in part to the 19 bar pressure that the machine has. This is far above the 15 bar normally found in single serve coffee machines.

The pods that come for the Verismo come in 2 designs. There is a brewed pod, which is a vacuum packed capsule, that has a silver foil you have to remove before placing it in the machine, which is what you use when you want a strong espresso. If your wondering how to make a latte, instead you would use one of the milk pods, and an espresso pod. These don’t have the same fail, but you put them into the machine in the same way. It will automatically handle whichever capsule you use. Although it doesn’t have an inbuilt electric frother, the milky lattes will come out looking like you used one.

The Verismo 580 vs 585 and the 600 still remains the most popular, which is not surprising, the newer machine havn’t had any real design or funaciotnaity changes compared to the original. There is a couple of drawbacks with this machine though, there is no cappuccino pods for sale, so you will have to settle for either espresso’s or lattes. If you find the espresso’s are too strong you can always order the decaf espresso pods. You can buy the pods in bulk, as packs of 12.

When you order the machine you will receive a starter pack and the full instructions about how to use it, but its very easy, and can even store away up to 10 used pods in it’s in built rubbish system. Overall though, if you’re concerned about taste or flavour in your espresso this machine fails to disappoint. If you really want a kick in your drinks, buy some hazelnut syrup to add to your drink.

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