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Russell Hobbs Allure – High Street Espresso Coffee At Home

| May 30, 2015 | 0 Comments

This Allure espresso coffee machine from Russell Hobbs, is a good branded professional hot drinks maker that comes with a nice sleek brushed stainless steel design, and although this might look like a small coffee machine, don’t let that fool you, it makes a mean cup of coffee.

Russell Hobbs 18623 Allure Review

Russell Hobbs 18623 Allure Review

Does The Allure Have A Good Design?

With its slick design and exceptional functionality, you can be sure that this espresso machine will look the part in your home, or if you have a cafe or restaurant will perform like a real workhorse at it makes cups of coffee that you would expect from a high street shop such as Costa.

It’s designed to not only create espresso’s to perfection, but will happily make latte, cappuccino, or americano. Once you get the hang of using it after a couple of tries, you’ll be able to brew up mouth watering coffee that would put your dreaded kettle and instant to shame.

This barista style coffee maker is well suited to creating excellent high street coffee with its 15 bar pump system. This ensures that you squeeze every last drop of flavour out of the coffee grind that you use, and gives every espresso crema layer.

How Easy Is The Allure To Use?

This Allure 18623 espresso machine is simple and easy to use. Just fill up the huge 1.5 litre capacity water tank with cold water, you can either use a jug to fill it up or remove it and fill it up at the tap directly. Then choose the coffee filter that best suits your drink needs. You can use the small filter if it’s just a small cup of coffee or the big filter if you want a larger cup or are making 2 cups.

The water will heat up to optimum boiling level, and then indicate that its ready via its thermostat light. Once you’ve filled the filter with your ground coffee, lock the filter handle into place. Once your cups are in place under the output nozzles and on the drip tray, its ready for you to just turn tht central dial to create luscious freshly brewed cup.

There is a steam operated milk frother, which has all the steam noises associated with an authentic coffee shop, and produces are a great steam that will froth your milk, and allow you to make exceptional lattes, and cappuccinos, while also allowing you to create tea, and hot chocolates. All you need to do is pour a little bit of milk into a jug, and flip the steam control on, and gently move the jug around until you reach that frothy consistency.

Frequently Asked Allure Questions

The espresso maker will continue with a small amount of dripping even after it has dispensed the drink, this is due to natural condensation of steam, and is completely normal, and the reason why there is an easily removable drip tray, that you can regularly clean out.

Its an easy to clean machine that allows you to remove the major parts of the machine and get in to all the smaller areas easily. Although you can’t use a dishwasher to clean any parts, it is easy to descale, and will happily work with all leading descaler brands.

The Allure espresso coffee maker is a genuinely accessible coffee maker if you want the very best in fresh coffee, and you’ve been used to traditional instant coffee. You will recognise the taste that it gives, as something that is almost a treat. You don’t have to wait until you visit an expensive coffee machine any more though, and perhaps you can start charging your neighbours when they start to “regularly” come round for a great tasting coffee.

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