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Tassimo T12 Vivy Coffee Machine By Bosch

| May 28, 2015 | 0 Comments

This Vivy Tassimo coffee machine review is about one of the smallest and most compact hot drinks makers for sale at a cheap price. The Vivy is built by the well known coffee machine manufacturer Bosch, and has everything squeezed into it to make a great cup of coffee, tea or more, easier than boiling your kettle.

Tassimo T12 Vivy Coffee Machine review

Tassimo T12 Vivy Coffee Machine review

What Is The Design Of The Vivy T12?

The Tassimo T12 Vivy has been designed to fit into almost any space in your kitchen. It has a nice curved external design, that indicates it’s simplicity to use, and will fit nicely into a corner of your kitchen as well as stand in the middle of your worktop, or even store away in a cabinet.

The water tank for the Vivy is compact and stored at the side of the machine and also features a built in handle that allows you to easily remove it from the main case. The control panel is located easy to reach on the front, and the on off switch is carefully located to the side of the machine.

The control panel is a one button touch that is also used then you need to run water through the drinks maker for cleaning. The cleaning is easy as the cleaning disk is inserted into the drinks slot and runs automatically. It’s stored in a small recess underneath the water tank, so there is no chance of it going missing. The light on the control panel of the Vivy will also tell you when it requires filling up.

Many traditional hot drinks machines struggle to cope with the difference in cup sizes, but the Vivy handles this difficulty with ease. It’s been designed with an adjustable platform that allows you to reposition it closer to the spout, if you prefer your coffee or tea in a smaller cup. If you prefer a larger mug for your hot drinks, you can remove it completely, which is a lifesaver feature.

A Simple To Use Drinks Machine

The Tassimo brand machines are well known for being easy to use and the T12 Vivy fits that mould perfectly. It’s simple one touch operation will make even the slightest technophobes operate it with ease. The heat up time of the water is short, and much quicker than a kettle boiling. The reason for it’s fast boiling speed is it’s in built flow heater, and after every drink it reverts back to a low energy standby mode, ready for the net hot drink at a moment’s notice.

The Vivy isn’t just a coffee maker, you can use a whole range of hot drinks with it, including traditional tea, fruit and herbal teas, as well as chai lattes. There are lots of great brands and drinks to choose from, as many well known drinks makers create T Disc’s suitable for the Vivy. Cadbury hot chocolate, Twinings Teas, Carte Noir, and even Costa. You can buy special packs that have all the varieties included if you’re like variety with your hot drinks.

To make a drink with the Vivy, all you do is place one of the T Disc’s on the plate inside the brew head, and lock it into place. Once it’s in place, then just press the drinks button to serve. Each T Disc has a barcode on and and the Vivy will create the conditions perfect for this specific beverage. Although the water tank is only 700ml, its still a good size for a regular replacement to your old kettle. It makes the drinks with a 3.3 bar pump pressure, so you can be sure your drink is infused to the highest standards.

Does it make good coffee though?

Although the bar pressure lags behind a cafe style machine, it still gives your tastebuds a run for their money. The variety of T Discs will keep your interest, and the Costa branded espresso is good quality, smooth with hints of crema. The medium roast Costa tastes like you would get a coffee from a cafe, which is great. The bubbly Cadbury hot chocolate it makes is sensuous and sweet.

You will have a chance to savour the coffee test yourself with the provided starter packs, and then if a certain one takes your fancy you can order more of it easily too.

This is a great drinks machine, that for it’s price just can’t be between for simplicity. It won’t be the best for veteran coffee and tea drinkers, but it serves as a good introduction point.

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