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Types Of Coffee Drinks

| May 31, 2015 | 0 Comments

Coffee & Espresso
Espresso is a term that refers to that type of coffee extracted under pressure using hot water. But before we came to know it as it is today, it was originally coined as cream coffee. The latter term comes from the Italian café crema. However, crema nowadays is largely known as the light-colored, orangish foam on top of an espresso cup.



Much can be said about the development of coffee & espresso these days. In general terms, espresso is a concentrated brewed coffee drink produced by forcing hot but not boiling water using a kind of power called bar pressure. Water is pushed towards fine ground coffee. The entire brewing process using pressure from the hot water corresponds to the production of the best possible quality of coffee; with the flavor, aroma, taste, and smell kept all intact. Thus, perhaps the main attribute in determining espresso is the maximum amount of concentration for every cup.

An American made espresso is the americano. The concept came into being when American GIs diluted their coffee while on duty in Italy to offset the strength of the drip coffee they’re used to drink back at home. The americano is simply espresso with a six to eight ounces of hot water in the cup.

Café au Lait
If you want a cup of Café Latte minus the espresso, the Café au Lait is your ideal option. It is quite similar to the latte except that the espresso is replaced with brewed coffee. The amount of milk added is the same coupled with sugar for enhancing sweetness.

Café Latte
While we come to consider espresso a drink by itself, it is actually utilized as a base for making various specialized coffee drinks. One popular example is the café latte. Café is the Italian term for coffee while latte is milk. Thus, it’s obvious that café latte is a beverage comprised of coffee and milk. It is composed of a 3:1 milk to coffee ratio. But even café latte is vague enough to characterize customize drinks.

Café Latte Macchiato
A café latte macchiato is a glass of hot milk with a teaspoon of espresso. This is a very light coffee drink, which is very smooth and enjoyable. This is a great choice for when you want a nice hot coffee drink, but don’t want much caffeine. It can be sweetened to taste or flavors such as almond, vanilla or caramel may be added if desired.

Café Lungo
In English, café lungo is the term given to a stretched shot of espresso. Opposite to that of the ristretto, it is done with an added pull, which in turn allowing more water in exerting pressure to the same volume of coffee utilized in regular single shots. The finished product tastes bitterer but at the same less strong.

Café Macchiato
Another espresso drink is the macchiato. It is also an Italian word that means stained or marked. The espresso named macchiato is presented with milk on top. It’s like a dark espresso that is stained by the light-colored milk. The same espresso variety is made famous by baristas all over the world because it is one of the few in which they can show off their creativity in customizing their espresso cups.

Café Mocha
Next in line is café mocha. A mocha is American made, though Italian inspired. Aside from the espresso and milk components, mocha is distinct from the other drinks because of the chocolate additive. It is best served in a small glass in order to emphasize the three varying colors in layers.

Café Ristretto
Ristretto means restriction and this espresso is made with less water in brewing of the coffee grounds. However, the shot takes the same amount of time, similar to that of a normal pull. The resulting product is a cup of espresso that is fuller in flavor, finer in taste, and less bitter.

For instance, another type of espresso called cappuccino is actually a variety of latte since it has steamed milk froth on top of the espresso base. A typical cappuccino consists of equal parts of espresso and milk. Consequently, the word cappuccino originated from the robes worn by Capuchin friars. The resulting color of this drink is very reminiscent of the color of the robes the friars wore.

Espresso con Panna
Get some whipped cream, place it on top of your single shot of espresso, and voila! You have the espresso con Panna. This drink is quite easy to make but certainly carries a taste.

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