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Water Jugs For Filtering Your Coffee Water At Home

| June 3, 2015 | 0 Comments

The taste of your coffee is dramatically affected by the water that you use from the tap. In Scotland there is great tasting water but what about the rest of the UK? In some areas of England there is bad tasting water, in many of the main cities such as London and Manchester, the water can leave a metallic after taste in your mouth. If you’re a true coffee connoisseur, you will be wanting the very best coffee drink as possible, and you might be more accurate to picking up the nuances of coffee taste, more than the average coffee drinker.

Research done in the coffee industry has concluded that the ideal amount of ionic concentration should be 150-300 PPM for the very best coffee extraction possible. In the UK there are many minerals that are added to the water for the good of our health, but they might not tingle your tastebuds if your wanting to experience an unrivalled coffee taste.

You can add a filtration to your home plumbing, but this can be expensive to setup, and the parts can be difficult to source, and only fitted by someone who has previous filtration setup experience. There are not many plumbers that can do this, due to the low demand of water filtration systems in the UK.

Compared to many other countries we do have “decent” water quality, but if you really want your coffee tantalisingly fresh what can you do about it? Well, there are a number of very simple jugs that you can use at home for your coffee, to get some simple filtration. They are also very cheap compared to plumbed water filtration, so you will easily be able to afford one, and since they are real jug shaped, you can easily just fill them up from the tap, let them stand for a short while, and then pour the new filtered water into your coffee machines.

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Ecobud Fluoride and Chlorine Water Filter Jug

This is a jug that can handle 1.5 litres of water, more than enough to fill up any coffee machine. Ecobud claim that it will remove up to 98% of fluoride as well as bacteria, contaminants and any chlorine. It reduce the acidity and will increase the alkalinity to between pH 8-8.5.

This jug although plastic made is BPA free, so it doesn’t leave any plastic taste in your mouth either. The filter for the Ecobud only needs replacing every 3 months, or 800 litres of water and can buy the Gentoo filter here.

Aqua Optima FJ0259 Galia water filter jug

The Aqua Optima is a jug that features fast filtration. It can remove limescale, chlorine, pesticides, calcium carbonate, as well as lead and other types of metal additives often found in UK tap water. It’s easy to fill up from the tap with its easy pour through lid, and comes with a massive 2.5 litre capacity. It also has a very slim design which allows you to store the jug on the inside door shelf in your fridge.

On the handle there is an easy to read filter life indicator that shows you what condition your filter is in, and also when you purchase this jug you receive a complete year’s supply of filters, of which there are 6, and they can handle approximately 200 litres before requiring replacement. The water passes through the filter very quickly, and if you run out of filters you can always purchase more Aqua Galia filters here.

Brita Marella Cool Water Filter Jug

The Brita Marella jug is designed to hold the Maxtra filter cartridge and reduce limescale, and other impurities such as chlorine. It has a 1.4 litre capacity of filtered water, and has been designed with a thin design to allow you to easily store the jug in your fridge. It has a soft grip handle for holding and also a stable non slip base.

There is a memo cartridge exchange indicator to help you understand when you need to replace the filter, but if you’re a regular coffee drinker, and you use the jug a lot, you will need to replace it approximately 1-2 months. When you buy this jug, you receive a single Maxtra filter cartridge. and the good thing about this water jug is that the filter cartridge is recyclable. To order more filters, you can purchase them here in different size packs.

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